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Buried village of Kopachi in Chernobyl

In all the famous Chernobyl there is a village called Kopachi. It is completely small village. But there are big oddities. Before the accident with the Chernobyl reactor explosion happened, about a thousand people lived in Kopachi. And when the reactor exploded, in the end it was decided to completely demolish the village of Kopachi. That is, not only to bury people, but to eliminate houses, streets and households. Why did this need arise? After all, Chernobyl and Pripyat remained standing, albeit empty.

The buried village of Kopachi: the effect and reason

To demolish the village of Kopachi decided for a very simple reason. The village was only about four kilometers away from the exploding reactor. Yes, the station was near that town. And it was the Kopachi village that was the closest settlement to the reactor. From the contamination zone 10 kilometers around the nuclear power plant, the evacuation of this village was one of the first to begin. Those who survived the explosion still dreamed for some time that someday they could return home. However, these dreams could not come true. The amount of radiation after the reactor explosion in the village turned out to be so large that there was no point in leaving farm buildings with houses on the surface. They could not become livable. Each of the surviving things in any house in the village gave so much radiation that it was dangerous for everything and all living things around. Therefore, every house in Kopachi was demolished. On top of the territory, even for safety, whole hills and mounds were specially poured - a lot of land. As a result, the village of Kopachi no longer existed, except on the map.

Demolition of the village of Kopachi in Chernobyl: an additional reason why this had to be done

The explosion of the Chernobyl reactor, of course, was a terrible tragedy. And greatly transformed the area around. But some time after the accident, for a large number of years, people who lived nearby often tried to return to their homes. It seemed to them that if their villages were a little further than in Pripyat and Chernobyl, and then they are safe.

But in Kopachi, as already mentioned, the situation was very scary. Everything was badly contaminated by radiation. It was impossible to allow people to return there. And to prevent this, the village of Kopachi was demolished.
Before being demolished, the village was completely covered with radioactive dust. Almost all of the buildings in Kopachi were made of wood. And the radioactive dust seeped deep into all the cracks of the fences, into all the beams and even into all the crossbars. It penetrated not only parts of structures and to the ground, but also into deep basements. How could one allow people to return to the village?

Yes, once this place was happy and beautiful. Residents of the village of Kopachi in Chernobyl loved their homes, the surrounding nature. They would definitely try to return. But in the end, radiation, along with people and things, could spread to the whole world. To save the world, the village of Kopachi had to be demolished and buried.

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