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Is visiting Chernobyl safe?
Yes. In general, there are a lot of radiation in the Chernobyl zone only in some places. Do not worry. You will either not fall into these places at all, or you will be there very briefly. In one day that the tour will take place, the human body will accept a radiation level corresponding to an approximate dose of 0,0005 during an X-ray scan. Approximately the same amount of gamma radiation can be obtained in three to five hours in an airplane. So there is no harm. Even when flying to Kiev, there will be more radiation.
What clothes are better to choose for an excursion?
There is no need to choose any special equipment, shoes or protective equipment. However, it is recommended to wear clothes with long sleeves (without slippers, shorts and t-shirts!)
Need special protective gear?
No, to visit Chernobyl, Pripyat and the surrounding areas, nothing is required. But if in doubt, choose a Chemical Protection Suit. True, it will help more not with protection against radiation, but by making your photos more fun..
Is a dosimeter necessary?
Again no. We care about your safety. But no one forbids you to take your instruments to calculate the level of radiation. Or take the "Dosimeter" option.
What language does the guide speak?
English, Ukrainian, Russian. If the group is multilingual, the language of most participants is selected. About the main attractions will be told in all languages ​​at once. We will do our best to make your experience of visiting Chernobyl the most wonderful. In the Exclusion Zone there are enough spectacular views that are interesting to just see and feel.
Can I book an my tour right tomorrow?
Yes. We offer them every day. Moreover, organization is possible both in a group and alone.
Why is it worth cooperating with you?
Our guides are professionals who offer the best routes for all tours, they are completely legal, safe. We are the best choice, this is confirmed by the reviews of tourists.
Which tour is better - group or private?
Group ones are suitable for those who want to quickly, informatively, interestingly look at everything; but with private you will see much more attractions. Visit many places quickly. Fans appreciate it very highly.