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Immerse yourself in the tragic events of April 26, 1986 with our experienced guides. See with your own eyes what the mistake of the highest government of the USSR led to and how it influenced the fate of millions of people.
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Interesting moments of our Chernobyl tours

An accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant happened more than thirty years ago. At the same time, the consequences are quite serious, the surrounding world is still under the influence of Chernobyl radiation. Nowadays it's possible to see all the scale of the accident thanks to our company, which provides author's tours to Chernobyl absolutely legally, because we have all the necessary licenses and permits for this.

Transfer for tourists

Many tourists while visiting the exclusion zone, assess the trip format in a positive way, because it's quite interesting to visit the object of the largest nuclear accident and assess the disaster scale yourself.

Diversity and format of Chernobyl tours

Booking tours to Chernobyl from our company, the tourist will be able to visit the most famous tourist points of the Chernobyl exclusion zone, particularly:

  • visit the abandoned city of Pripyat;
  • visit the most affected by radiation area "Red Forest»;
  • have a look at the once secret radar "Arc»;
  • personally see the famous amusement park in Pripyat;
  • visit the Soviet Command Center;
  • personally visit the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and visit the control center.

These are just some of the objects that arouse the greatest interest among people who want to visit the Chernobyl zone, but during the tour our guides will show you other famous objects including those that appeared much later after the accident at the nuclear power plant in April 1986.

Group tours to Chernobyl

This tour is intended for small groups of tourists. It's one day-format "The disaster of the USSR on April 26, 1986 in one day". This tour covers the most terrible locations with places of preserved equipment. You will be able to visit Pripyat and see the way how nature gradually reclaimed the previously residential areas.

This tour includes:

  • guided tour of the main locations;
  • true information about those terrible events;
  • a qualified guide service;
  • documents for the exclusion zone visit;
  • transfer Kiev-Chernobyl-Kiev;
  • insurance;
  • photo and video capture.

The tour includes stops in all important places of the exclusion zone, so that tourists can capture all the emotional moments in their memory.

The cost of the trip:

  • for Ukrainians - from $49;
  • for foreigners - from $ 99.

During the tour, all vehicles are equipped with comfortable conditions for riding to places of interest.

Individual tour

At the same time, if you want to visit the exclusion zone on your own, without other unfamiliar tourists, it's possible to book an exclusive tour for one or more people. This tour includes a visit to all the sights, including the observation deck of the Atomic Electric Station, the Red Forest, the secret radar "Duga", the Soviet Command Center, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, the buried village" Kopachi", the cooling tower, the city of Chernobyl and lasts about 13 hours. Also, for a more detailed objects inspection, you'd better take a multi-day tour with an overnight stay at the hotel for 2-5 days, which includes:

  • departure to exclusive locations;
  • preparation of the necessary documentation for visiting the exclusion zone;
  • insurance;
  • hotel in Chernobyl (for a multi-day tour);
  • provision of food in the case of a multi-day tour;
  • dosimeter for rent;
  • a qualified guide service;
  • author's route, taking into account the wishes of the tourist;
  • transfer from anywhere in the capital;
  • possibility of photo and video recording.

It is worth noting that all routes are checked for radiation levels in advance. Such tours to the CHZO will be more expensive than group visits:

  • for Ukrainian tourists - from $370;
  • for foreigners - from $410.

This individual tour will help you to get involved in the history of Chernobyl.

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Tour

All our tours to the station are conducted legally, with a special permit for this. The author's tour to Chernobyl at the nuclear power plant includes all atmospheric locations, including a visit to Pripyat. The tour includes such locations as a visit to:

  • the central control panel of the NPP;
  • main circulation pumps;
  • block control panel of the fourth reactor;
  • the golden corridor;
  • integrated "Shelter" system.

During the tour the tourist will travel in comfortable conditions, won't remain hungry and will see many interesting locations. The tour costs both for foreigners and Ukrainians – from 530 dollars.


The Chernobyl disaster is still in presence, because many more locations are infected. For the safety of tourists, our company chooses only safe and radiation-tested places. The tour format suggests visiting rare locations that are difficult to access even for stalkers.

The Dead City of Pripyat

You shouldn't confuse the cities Pripyat and Chernobyl, because they are completely different. The fate of the cities was decided by the nuclear disaster of 1986. While personal visit to Pripyat you it's possible to understand all the terrible scale of the disaster, which is located just 3 km from the nuclear power plant. Its gloomy locations such as an amusement park, a ferris wheel, abandoned hospitals, high-rise buildings represent a real apocalypse of the modern world.

Secret radar “Arc”

This structure is located near Chernobyl. It was considered as a secret facility for possible missile launch detection during the Cold War. You can get to the Chernobyl " Arc " through the official tour program.

Soviet Command Center

The secret Chernobyl-2 facility is located on a huge territory with several facilities and a checkpoint. At the time of its full-fledged operation, the facility had modern technologies and equipment for detecting ballistic missiles at long distances.

Red Forest

It is quite an interesting location for foreigners and our tourists, because nature and fauna have suffered a lot, so now there are many wild animals, such as Przewalski's horses. There is also an unusual growth of vegetation here, because it was the pines that at that time of the accident detained most of the radioactive particles and saved many lives of the population of Pripyat.

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

TOUR to the nuclear power plant are quite legal today, because the radiation is within acceptable limit. In 2017 the construction of a "Shelter" for the fourth power unit of the nuclear power plant, where there was an explosion, was completed.

Buried village of Kopachi

The visit tour in the Chernobyl Zone includes a visit to the village of Kopachi. This buried village is located 3.8 km away from the reactor, and therefore has suffered the most from radiation. Given the dose of radiation that fell on the buildings, it was not advisable to leave them, so all the structures were buried, and the residents were evacuated.

Amusement Park

Unfortunately, it happened a few days after the accident that the opening of a modern amusement park was planned for that time. But it didn't happen, and nowadays it's one of the most popular places for tourists. You can get here both in a group and individual tour in CHZO. The main attraction of this location was the Ferris wheel, which still fascinates any visiting tourist with its spirit of the apocalypse.

Chernobyl cooling towers

This object is located near the reservoir, but it could not be completed because of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and they remained to remind of the scale of the disaster. These structures can be viewed from the inside and understand what amounts of work were done by engineers and will remain incomplete forever.

Chernobyl Sarcophagus

The modern and completely safe confinement is an object created from modern technologies. It's also included in the tour program. Thanks to this structure with a height of 109 meters the surrounding area is completely protected from the destroyed sarcophagus and its harmful emissions. This object is required to view, because it impresses with its volume and versatility of processes within the complex.

Features of the tour

Before choosing and booking a tour of interest, it's important to understand the tour format. Only adults are allowed to travel. You can even organize a tour from today to tomorrow. It is worth considering that the entire to the Chernobyl Zone is quite large and many locations are located in different places and it is not possible to see everything in one or two days, so our experts will help you choose the most convenient tours for you:

  • convenient and comfortable buses, registration of all necessary documents for visiting the Chernobyl exclusion
  • zone;
  • insurance;
  • full lunch in the dining room at the Chernobyl nuclear power Plant (included in the author's tour, in the group tour optional), as well as accommodation in the hotel "Pripyat" in Chernobyl (if the tour lasts more than 2 days);
  • a qualified guide service;
  • photo and video shooting in any location.

You need to make a special entry permit to enter Chernobyl and the exclusion zone. This service is provided by our specialists, and a full transfer is included in the price of the tour.

Visiting the exclusion zone today is quite simple and interesting, because all routes are safe and allowed by the administration of the exclusion zone.

Guide support

We employ only professional and qualified guides who know the history and facts about Chernobyl, Pripyat, the nuclear power plant, and the surrounding areas in detail and in every detail. Only with our guides you can immerse yourself in a fascinating tour:

  • learn about interesting facts about the events of 1986;
  • confirmed historical references;
  • detailed description of various objects.

Our professional guides know and can carry out tours in Ukrainian,Russian and English. In cases where group tours with foreigners are planned, the tour is held in English (duplicated in Russian or Ukrainian). Those tourists who do not have time, take group tours in order to cover a large number of objects in a short time. Individual tours require more time, and therefore cover more locations and interesting objects.

Organizational issues

To get on a group tour in the exclusion zone, you need to come to the collection point in Kiev. Meeting time: 7:30.

Orders for group or individual tours in the exclusion zone are accepted online, you can even order from today to tomorrow. To book a tour, it's enough to use the calendar and the online order form on this website, where you can specify:

  • the selected date of the tour-trip to Chernobyl;
  • choose the appropriate format of the tour, namely group or individual;
  • the desired duration of the tour – one-two days;
  • specify the tourists group number;
  • your first name, last name and citizenship;
  • your passport series and number;
  • your date of birth;
  • a valid phone number and an up-to-date email address.

During the trip, you do not need additional protective equipment, certain clothing or shoes. It will be quite enough to follow our recommendations. It is better to take comfortable and closed shoes, and clothing should cover the body of the tourist as much as possible. We also additionally rent a "Chemical protection suit" for cool selfies or a dosimeter.

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Official tours are not spoiled impressions

Choose the appropriate tour
Group tour
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  • The catastrophe of the USSR on April 26, 1986 in one day
  • All main locations
  • Reliable information
  • Professional guide
  • Small groups
  • Impressive selfies and videos
Private tour
Ideal for your company
from $299
  • Exclusive locations
  • Access to "restricted areas"
  • Personal guide
  • Individual route according to your wishes
  • Unique selfies and videos
  • Transfer from anywhere in Kiev
Power Station Tour
Chernobyl nuclear power plant
from $450
  • Central control panel
  • Block control panel of the block
  • Integrated automated system of the Shelter object
  • Main circulation pumps
  • Golden corridor
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Included in cost
Transfer from Kyiv
Transfer from Kyiv
Insurance across Ukraine
Insurance across Ukraine
Official permission to enter
Official permission to enter
Guide services throughout the trip
Guide services throughout the trip
Visiting  “Duga“
Visiting “Duga“
Accompanied by representatives of the exclusion zone
Accompanied by representatives of the exclusion zone
Dosimetric control
Dosimetric control
author's route in the exclusion zone
author's route in the exclusion zone
The most memorable places
The most interesting locations
Chernobyl exclusion zone
The explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant occurred in April 1986. The result of the destruction of the Fourth power unit was the transcendental level of radiation, which killed the lives of many people.
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Cooling towers
Have you long dreamed of being in an atmosphere full of incredible memories? Do you want to feel all the horror and pain of people who survived the disaster?
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Red forest
The Red Forest, which is better known as the Red Forest in Chernobyl, is one of the most dangerous and radioactive places in the Chernobyl zone.
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Interesting to know
Articles about events and facts
Chernobyl accident
April 26, 1986 - this date became fatal in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. It was on this day in the city of Chernobyl that the largest accident at a nuclear power plant occurred, which entailed devastating consequences.
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Villages of Chernobyl
Chernobyl and Pripyat are ghost towns. They were abandoned overnight by all residents. So everything that was was just empty.
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The serial "Chernobyl" and the excursions to exclusion zone
After the premiere of the TV series "Chernobyl" from HBO, a real tourist boom began in the exclusion zone.
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Is visiting Chernobyl safe?
Yes. In general, there are a lot of radiation in the Chernobyl zone only in some places. Do not worry. You will either not fall into these places at all, or you will be there very briefly. In one day that the tour will take place, the human body will accept a radiation level corresponding to an approximate dose of 0,0005 during an X-ray scan. Approximately the same amount of gamma radiation can be obtained in three to five hours in an airplane. So there is no harm. Even when flying to Kiev, there will be more radiation.
What clothes are better to choose for an excursion?
There is no need to choose any special equipment, shoes or protective equipment. However, it is recommended to wear clothes with long sleeves (without slippers, shorts and t-shirts!)
Need special protective gear?
No, to visit Chernobyl, Pripyat and the surrounding areas, nothing is required. But if in doubt, choose a Chemical Protection Suit. True, it will help more not with protection against radiation, but by making your photos more fun..
Is a dosimeter necessary?
Again no. We care about your safety. But no one forbids you to take your instruments to calculate the level of radiation. Or take the "Dosimeter" option.
What language does the guide speak?
English, Ukrainian, Russian. If the group is multilingual, the language of most participants is selected. About the main attractions will be told in all languages ​​at once. We will do our best to make your experience of visiting Chernobyl the most wonderful. In the Exclusion Zone there are enough spectacular views that are interesting to just see and feel.
Can I book an my tour right tomorrow?
Yes. We offer them every day. Moreover, organization is possible both in a group and alone.