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ChNPP cooling tower near the unfinished reactor

The atmosphere of 35-year-old memories, mysterious and still secret, intrigues many people around the world. This is not surprising: Chernobyl in April 1986 became the epicenter of the universal catastrophe.

What does the city look like

Now you can walk through some streets of this dead city, there is no dangerous radioactive background.

Looking at abandoned homes and playgrounds, you can't help but feel the pain and horror that people experienced when the disaster occurred. To understand what was happening here in those distant years, it is best to visit the Chernobyl cooling tower, this place is unique.


If you follow all the instructions and recommendations, you can visit the object without fear. All tourists are provided with dosimeters, they see firsthand the level of radiation background, which almost does not exceed the natural one.

If you do everything wisely, then you can visit Chernobyl without risking your health and life. The cooling tower is two colossal concrete towers, their size makes it clear that the city was actively growing, developing, it could become a fake metropolis.

The object was abandoned, there is no need to cool the reactor, the cooling towers have become a monument to a man-made disaster of universal scale. There is something intriguing and exciting about all this. Especially strange looks near a large reservoir. It is very picturesque:

1. Fresh air.
2. Clean water.
3. Green grass and trees.

Deceptive impression: Nature blooms and smells, life is in full swing, but everyone knows that all this is just a decoration, there is radiation very close by, death that kills a person.

The Chernobyl cooling tower, as well as the city itself, became a reminder and a warning, they froze in time forever. In recent years, the cooling tower is increasingly visited by tourists from many countries. The Chernobyl disaster worries people all over the world, having lost a common name, it does not need to be translated.

The object overview

Looking at the cooling tower, it is easy to notice traces of decay and corrosion that affected the massive metal structures. There are a lot of graffiti and inscriptions on the walls. The object makes an impression, it has on the one hand monumentality, on the other defenselessness. A very good comparison can be given with Tarkovsky's film "Stalker", there are also cooling towers in the frames, which were shot in Moscow in the in the industrial district. Inside the cooling tower in Chernobyl, there is a special atmosphere that is impossible to convey, but you can only feel it from inside.

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