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Private tour to Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

Private tours to Chernobyl and exclusion zone are very popular among tourists because everybody heard a lot about such a catastrophe and wants to see all these locations in reality. The company supposes to visit one of the greatest places of interest - Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

Advantages of a tour to Nuclear Power Plant

A private tour with the opportunity to visit the nuclear power plant will be an unforgettable journey with the opportunity to visit the very atmospheric places of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and take a walk along the abandoned Pripyat and see its famous places. Yo will see the reactor itself, the block control panel and the switchgear control room, where was the whole technological process. The trip supposes lots of benefits for tourists:

  • very interesting walking tour;
  • detailed stories from an experienced guide;
  • having lunch in the Chernobyl canteen;
  • comfortable shuttles with soft seats;
  • reasonable price for the trip;

The cost of the tour includes a transfer, paperwork for access to the CNPP and permission to visit the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, guide services and lunch in the Chernobyl canteen. Tourists will also see the integrated automated system of the Shelter object, with which the object is controlled by certain parameters. The guide will tell you everything about the explosions, elimination and the first days after the accident happened. You will know some facts about the accident and people who took part in elimination and evacuation of citizens.

Order the trip to Chernobyl NPP online

If you are interested in visiting CNPP you can order the excursion on our website. The service includes the road to Chernobyl, all the necessary documents to pass the control office, lunch, transfer, medical insurance and guide services. We guarantee our tourists safety and comfort while travelling because we are responsible for your good impressions! If you have any questions feel free to order a call and our manager will help you to choose the tour..