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The accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the Chernobyl nuclear power plant today

Nobody knows exactly, but most probably the explosion of Atomic Electrostation in Chernobyl in 1986 was a result of an incorrect reactor constructor served by badly prepared stuff. As a result of explosion and fires there was about 5% of active reactor zone thrown into the atmosphere. According to official data two employees of Chernobyl Atomic Electrostation perished at the accident night and more 28 people - during some weeks after the explosion because of acute radiation intoxication.

Historical sequences of Chernobyl Atomic Electrostation explosion

Chernobyl Atomic Electrostation explosion is quite valuable for our history. It caused serious changes in safety culture and political thinking and also in relationship between the East and the West till the USSR breakup. The ex-president of USSR Gorbachyov said that Chernobyl Atomic Electrostation explosion was more important factor which played a role in USSR breakup than liberal reforms program.

Safety measures on Chernobyl Atomic Electrostation

Chernobyl AES isn't being used any more and the energy block №4 where the explosion in 1986 happened was hidden into a big concrete hideaway which was installed by October 1986 to provide working of other reactors.

Everyone remembers those tragical events, so this object is paid much attention according to safety measures. This way it was obvious that the energy block №4 needed modern and safe hideaway. In 2007 there was a construct for project making and building of a new hideaway signed by Nowark concorcium. Preparation to building finished only in 10 years after the construct signification. The hideaway was built in 2017. The building was sponsored by European Bank of Reconstruction and Development. The hideaway was delivered to the electrostation by railway.

Nowadays after new hideaway building Chernobyl AES looks a bit different than before. There is an arch above the 4th energy block 110 metres high, 165 metres long and the distance is 260 metres, which covers the 4th block and the first hideaway built in 1986. An arch frame is a grate construction from steel tube elements with inner taps.

An excursion to Chernobyl Atomic Electrostation

High qualified experts assert that there is no serious influence on people's health at the object nowadays. It means that tourists can visit Chernobyl Atomic Electrostation without any fear to be radiated. The territories where people were evacuated from are being recovered nowadays. In 2010 Chernobyl was officially admitted as a touristic place of interest and an excursion to Chernobyl Atomic Electrostation became a legal event for people who want to visit it.

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