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Excursion to Chernobyl to the secret object Chernobyl-2

If there is a mysterious city on earth frozen in a time crystal, it is Chernobyl. All buildings remained intact, including administrative ones. There are excursions in the city, but only with special permits.

Super secret military center

The Soviet command center is very popular, in those days, in 1986, it was under seven seals and was considered a top secret. On official maps, you could read: "boarding House". Military secrets in the USSR were able to protect and store, but today "Chernobyl-2" can be visited in the Exclusion zone.

What is Chernobyl – 2? The military camp on its territory had a number of super-secret blocks, as well as a residential area for personnel (it consisted of 100% military personnel). Many secrets are still unknown. The secrecy label is not completely removed, many artifacts were carried away in the depths of the disaster. It can be reliably confirmed that the secret object tracked the movement of air and space targets within a radius of three thousand kilometers.

The idea was simple, the object was part of a complex of air and space echeloned defense. Two facilities managed this role in the region: Chernobyl-2, a command center that had the most modern equipment at the time.

Duga radar (Duga-1) it tracked all the movements of air targets. In essence, it was a powerful radar consisting of a system of sensitive antennas. They occupied a huge area, it does not even fit into the frames of aerial photography. Everyone can visit this secret center, which consists of:

• checkpoint;
• commercial buildings;
• control unit.

Prospective construction

According to all official documents, Chernobyl-2 was at the final stage of construction. It should have been handed over to the state Commission in the same fatal 1986. Many people were present at the time of the disaster:

• scientist;
• engineers;
• military.

The most modern equipment was delivered, and there was a huge computer equipment in its dimensions, which was called in those days: supercomputers of the 1986 model. The accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant interrupted the usual course of everyday life, all preparations.

Traces of a lot of work, as well as installation of equipment, are still visible. There are even remnants of the scarlet slogan calling for high productivity and the achievement of communism in the near future. Employees of the company passed through strict control with a double pass system. It is interesting to look at the residential area:

1. Lots of playgrounds.
2. School.
3. Sports equipment.

A trip to Chernobyl can be interesting.

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